Radical Librarians have landed in Oxford.

Following encouragement from some members of the London and SE group of the Radical Librarians Collective, a presence has been established for the RLC in Oxford.

Our first meeting was held on 15th April 2015. And our next will hopefully be on 28th April 2015. We began our discussion by discussing the term ‘radical’  and how it applies to librarianship so we all felt comfortable understanding why we were there and what we might aim toward. Essentially, we feel that libraries are endangered by harmful neoliberal values that are becoming more and more present in our society, and as such, we aim to offer a safe space for people to critique this. We wish to build solidarity, and hopefully, work as a collective to try and change this.

If you think you might be interested in getting involved, come to our next meeting, follow us on Twitter @RadLibsOx or send us an email – radicallibsoxford@gmail.com. We’re especially interested in getting more people from the public sector involved as current membership is mostly people working in academic environments.


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