The State of the Thing

So, we’re not far off from our second meeting, and this thing seems to be growing from two friends who drink too much red wine to a legitimate group of library workers in the area interested to learn more and raise their critical awareness of the profession.

Although our meetings are non-hierarchical, we have set aside a few items to discuss at our next meeting, although we definitely feel like the most fruitful aspect is when we have open dialogue from a spontaneous question! Anyway, we made contact with the bad-ass Alison Macrina, who runs the Library Freedom Project to ask her advice on operating safely and privately online, so we will be bringing up her advice and possibly doing a demo of some of the services she recommended. It’s also worth checking out her Privacy Toolkit for Librarians, whether you’re interested in it for personal use or if you run Information Literacy sessions – although it’s especially useful if you want to add a little radical gloss to your IL teaching.

That aside, we will also likely want to discuss the national gathering likely to be happening for RLC members in July, and the possibility of having a smaller local event that anyone is welcome to.

And last of all, we’ll be looking for people interested in contributing to the blog, so don’t be shy with ideas!

Most of all, we want people to feel safe and free to discuss their ideas. Some really great things were brought up when we just let a dialogue establish itself naturally last time, and we look forward to a continuation of that. We’re also excited about the possibility of some new faces – hope to see you there!


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