What do we even mean by ‘radical’?

An issue which keeps arising is the term ‘radical’ and how off putting it can be for many people. The issue appears to be that people struggle to disassociate the term ‘radical’ from ideas of aggressive militancy. Really, what we mean by ‘radical’ is challenging the status quo. The way we see it, we aren’t looking for a revolution, we’re just looking for consciousness – being aware of the state of things and being able to look at them critically and then utilising this to inform best practice in our own careers.

One of our next steps is to work on a statement of purpose to try and diffuse the apprehension people are feeling, but for now our basic purpose is to try and bring librarianship back to its ethical roots – helping others and making information accessible, and free, to the wider community. When you explain it like that, it really doesn’t seem so radical after all.


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