Sunday Social

The term ‘radical’ has been quite divisive among folk, and has definitely been putting people off coming along to the more formal seeming meetings we’ve been holding, so to break the ice we decided to have a more relaxed ‘social’ gathering and actually this worked really quite well. We had a few faces from previous meetings show up as well as some new ones, and although there weren’t a huge number of people there overall it was still very pleasant being able to chat with other people in the field. We didn’t limit the conversation strictly to ‘radical’ library chat, but instead treated it as a chance to get to know each other better. However, some discussion of the what exactly  a radical librarian is. As such you can now consult our FAQ’s page if you feel unsure about exactly what we stand for or are trying to achieve with this group. Whilst we understand the importance of adhering to a safe space policy, we think having a social style meeting was successful and will likely hold more in future, alongside our more formal ‘meetings’.


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